Illusion Shows

A Full Size Stage Illusion Show for a

Full Sized Audience of 500-1000+

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Scalable Shows

Scalable Shows for Scalable Audiences

Fill a Stage with Jumbo Tricks and 1-2 Key Illusions. Rings Link and Bottles appear from nowhere. See Large Escapes, and an Indoor Snowstorm!

Mid-Sized Audience of 1-500

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Who needs a stage?

The best way to see magic up close and personal. Using Ordinary objects like Cards, Cash, Coins, Keys, Light, Fire, and more!

See $1 bills change Instantly to $100’s and the most incredible visual Card Magic you’ve ever seen!

(Any Sized Audience)

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Magic Lessons

Unlock Your Potential and

Learn to Perform Magic with Friends!

Choose a Trick from our online store

(Classroom Sized Live Audiences and Virtual Lessons)

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