The Course Page with an Overview of the College for Kids Magic Class – Abra Cadabra.

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    First thing’s First — Make the most of your class with reference-able Presentation and Explanation VIDEOS outside of our classroom hours. All our Classroom Tricks and MORE are password-protected online. Signing up on our email list ensures you have full access to our Explanatory Videos, and NEW FREE Magic tricks each month you can continue to learn long after our course-work is done. Sign-up on the Course Page before continuing.
  3. Watch the Introductory Video (Coming Soon at the Top of this Page…)
  4. Watch the First Lesson’s Presentation Videos (Appearing Flower, Coloring Book, and 3 Rope Trick)
  5. Watch the First Lesson’s Explanation Videos (Bonus)

Presentations and Explanations are being compiled and will be added Shortly – Accessible HERE.

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