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What is Truth?

4 Silks are Blended into 1

What is truth?

When you look at the world, do you see sorrow, tears, and hurt? Do you see friendship, hope, and a beautiful place? What’s really true and how do you make sense of the world?

Show 4 separate silks (Blue for Sin, Red for Christ, Yellow for Relationship, and Green for Growth in Faith). One by one they’re placed into your fist, a bag, an envelope or a pan of fire. The silks are removed and shown to be blended into one larger silk!

Sometimes the truth is a small and simple thing. And Sometimes it’s bigger and more complex. The bigger and more complex truth is that we cannot separate the good from the bad — but we can reconcile them all when we understand what God has Done.

“What is truth?”
-Pontius Pilate

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