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Christian Illustrations

God’s Milk

Reading God’s Word
Doesn’t Have to be a Burden

Have you ever struggled to read the Bible? We know we ought to read it, but sometimes it’s a big struggle. The Truth is, Reading God’s word doesn’t have to be a burden. There’s a longing in each one of us for a Hidden Rest that only Jesus can give us.

This is a creative illustration on Reading the Word of God using the Multiplying Milk Bottles. 1 Peter 2 tells us, like newborn babes, to long for the pure milk of the word, and we do!

My hope and prayer is that we recognize the longing within us and rest in the provision of God’s word to us.

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Colorado Magician and Illusionist, Loren's Mission is to bring WONDER and AWE back into the mundane things of life through FUN and CREATIVE ILLUSTRATIONS in CHURCH, SCHOOL, BUSINESS, and PERSONAL life.

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