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Christmas Elf Monte

An Illustration on our Performance
at Christmas Time

Jumbo Naughty and Nice Elf Cards Change Places and are Finally both replaced by a large Christmas Nativity Scene Card with a Powerful Message about our Performance!
“It’s not about whether we’re naughty or nice.
Instead it’s about whether or not we’re In Christ!”
Naughty and Nice Elf Cards are shown Back-To-Back. We’re all trying to remove the Naughty from our life (the naughty elf is removed leaving the nice elf behind), but what we find time and time again is that no matter how hard we try–Niceness evades us, and we just can’t seem to get rid of the naughty (the Nice Elf card returns from behind the back having switched places with the Naughty Elf now in your hand). The trick is repeated.
At the end of the trick, when a single Naughty or Nice elf is removed, the remaining card is opened to show a double-sized card with the Nativity scene and a powerful message.
“It’s Not about whether we’re naughty or nice. Instead it’s about whether or not we’re in Christ!”

See the Same trick from a Different Angle!

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Colorado Magician and Illusionist, Loren's Mission is to bring WONDER and AWE back into the mundane things of life through FUN and CREATIVE ILLUSTRATIONS in CHURCH, SCHOOL, BUSINESS, and PERSONAL life.

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