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Abra Cadabra – Session 4 – 6/25/20 PM

Escape Magic & Review!

Welcome to our Fourth and Final Session!

In this lesson we’ll learn one new escape trick — the Chain Escape presented with an illustration on how lies bind us up and truth sets us free.

We’ll Review what we’ve learned from the week including our Coloring Book, 3 Rope Trick, Sucker Coin Box, Poker Chip Polka, Simple Triumph, Ambitious Card, Sponge Balls, and Linking Rings.

We’ll discuss Show Building and how to order your personally selected tricks to put a great show together!

An Illustration on Truth, Lies, and Freedom

A fantastic routine that makes a great ending for a show. A chain is wrapped around your wrists and locked securely only to have you escape in seconds flat!

Show Building

A trick may be presented alone, or combined with others to make a magic show. It’s important to know that just because you have a trick doesn’t mean it will fit perfectly in a specific show. Shows have a few simple rules and guidelines that help bring your tricks together in a unique set of presentations. Here’s a few:

  • Start (Open) with your second best trick. (An opening usually consists of 1 or 2 tricks. The first could be a warm-up trick with the second being the main opener that really packs a punch)
  • End (Close) with your best trick. (Your audience will usually only remember one thing)
  • Warm up the audience. (Use an introductory trick that builds on itself)
  • Try putting a Sucker Trick early (2nd or 3rd) in the show. (This helps keep skeptics quieter throughout the rest of your show)
  • Mix or “spread out” the kinds of tricks (Avoid presenting one similar trick right after another) (Example: Avoid performing 2 sucker tricks [one right after the other]).
  • Mix or “spread out” the tone of your presentations (Example: Avoid performing 2 dramatic somber themed presentations or two comedic presentations back-to-back.)
  • Think about your show as a story or movie. Each Trick is a chapter or scene that contributes to the whole. What kind of a story are you telling? (Tip: The best stories usually follow an outline):
    • Exciting and Impressive Happenings
    • Introduction of Characters and Plot
    • Series of Challenges
    • Comedy or Drama Interrupts Challenges
    • Quest and Challenges Continue
    • Change of Pace by Realization or Accomplishment
    • Climax of Story
    • Epilogue (Brief post-trick reinforcing positive emotions)

Some Example Shows:

  1. Coloring Book
  2. Colored Coin Chips
  3. 3 Rope Trick
  4. Sucker Coin Box
  5. Simple Triumph
  6. Chain Escape
  7. Linking Rings
  1. Coloring Book
  2. Sucker Coin Box
  3. Simple Triumph
  4. Sponge Balls
  1. Ambitious Card
  2. Sucker Coin Box
  3. 3 Rope Trick
  4. Linking Rings
  5. Simple Triumph
  6. Chain Escape

Tips, Tricks, and Encouragement

Remember the goal of the course! – To introduce you to magic! Some tricks are easy and self-working while others require more work to master. You pick and choose which ones you want to focus on — And once you learn them, it’s like riding a bike: You won’t really forget, and will be able to perform them wherever you go!

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