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Abra Cadabra – Session 3 – 6/24/20 AM


Welcome to our Third Session!

In this lesson we’ll learn 2 advanced manipulation tricks that help fill in and give a show it’s center including either the Sponge Balls or the Linking Rings! I’d encourage you to pick ONE to work on this week and save the other for the future. These are both advanced sleight of hand (manipulation) effects that will require more practice than some of the other simpler self-working tricks.

An Illustration on Bearing Much Fruit

A fantastic routine where a sponge ball is produced from nowhere, vanishes, and multiplies. You’ll learn to jump one ball from one hand to another and even a volunteer’s hand as well as a great ending in producing 3 different balls and/or vanishing them!

A beautiful routine where 3 rings are seen to link and unlink in fantastic ways illustrating the power of friendship found, and lost – and encouraging us to pursue strong bonds of friendship in life!

An illustration on Real Friendship

Tips, Tricks, and Encouragement

Remember the goal of the course! – To introduce you to magic! Some tricks are easy and self-working while others require more work to master. You pick and choose which ones you want to focus on — And once you learn them, it’s like riding a bike: You won’t really forget, and will be able to perform them wherever you go!

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Colorado Magician and Illusionist, Loren's Mission is to bring WONDER and AWE back into the mundane things of life through FUN and CREATIVE ILLUSTRATIONS in CHURCH, SCHOOL, BUSINESS, and PERSONAL life.

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