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Abra Cadabra – Session 1 – 6/22/20 PM

Opening a Show!

Welcome to our First Session!

In this lesson we’ll learn 2 great tricks to open a Show by Warming Up an Audience and setting the Stage for our Additional Tricks. You’ll learn the Magic Coloring Book and the 3 Rope Trick!

Audiences need warming up! This is a great self-working introductory trick that opens a show and warms up your audience!
A blank book is suddenly filled with pictures, and then suddenly filled with colored pictures!
Learn the Magic Coloring Book!

An introduction to sleight of hand magic, in the 3 Rope Trick you’ll learn to make 3 different sized ropes all become the exact same size! A classic in magic known as the professor’s nightmare. Give your Teacher’s this puzzling magical puzzle!

Tips, Tricks, and Encouragement

Remember the goal of the course! – To introduce you to magic! Some tricks are easy and self-working while others require more work to master. You pick and choose which ones you want to focus on — And once you learn them, it’s like riding a bike: You won’t really forget, and will be able to perform them wherever you go!

Questions about the Lesson? – Email Loren.

Materials Available

Want an Extra one for Friend or Sibling?


Colorado Magician and Illusionist, Loren's Mission is to bring WONDER and AWE back into the mundane things of life through FUN and CREATIVE ILLUSTRATIONS in CHURCH, SCHOOL, BUSINESS, and PERSONAL life.

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