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Aims College for Kids 2020

Getting Started with Abra Cadabra

Welcome to world of Magic! In this introductory course, you will learn the art of performing as a magician. You’ll learn basic types of magic, magical possibilities, sleights, effects, and routines in order to be equipped to build and perform your very own magic show! Below is an OVERVIEW of what to Expect & how to practice.

Before Your First Lesson…

1. Bookmark this Page!

2. Signup for the Password! – FREE Video Explanations

First thing’s First — Because we’ll be hosting shorter virtual classes on Zoom Meetings, the hope is to maximize our live time with hands-on reviews of tricks and refer students to reference-able Presentation and Explanation VIDEOS outside of our classroom hours. All our Classroom Tricks and MORE are password-protected online. Signing up on our email list ensures you have full access to our Explanatory Videos, and NEW FREE Magic tricks each month you can continue to learn long after our course-work is done. Sign-up before continuing.

3. Watch the Introductory Video (Above)

4. Watch the First Lesson’s Presentation Videos

Watch the Magic Coloring Book Presentation

Watch the 3 Rope Trick Presentation

5. Watch the First Lesson’s Explanation Videos

Watch the Magic Coloring Book Explanation

Watch the 3 Rope Trick Explanation

6. Try it Out! – Get Familiar with the First Lesson’s Tricks

We’d like to spend our first Zoom Lesson reviewing your experience with learning these first tricks.

(If you don’t get a chance — It’s okay, but you’ll do better with the head-start)

An Overview of Course-Work

Windsor & Loveland

(Click on a Lesson Below to Access Zoom Meeting Information)

Lesson 1 – Opening a Show!
6/15 (AM)Coloring BookAND3 Rope Trick
6/15 (PM)
Lesson 2 – Cards & Coins!
6/16 (AM)Simple TriumphORAmbitious Card
6/16 (PM)ANDSucker Coin BoxORColored Coins
Lesson 3 –Manipulation!
6/17 (AM)Sponge BallsORLinking Rings
6/17 (PM)
Lesson 4 – Closing a Show!
6/18 (AM)Chain EscapeANDREVIEW!
6/18 (PM)

Fort Lupton & Greeley

(Click on a Lesson Below to Access Zoom Meeting Information)

Lesson 1 – Opening a Show!
6/22 (AM)Coloring BookAND3 Rope Trick
6/22 (PM)
Lesson 2 – Cards & Coins!
6/23 (AM)Simple TriumphORAmbitious Card
6/23 (PM)ANDSucker Coin BoxORColored Coins
Lesson 3 –Manipulation!
6/24 (AM)Sponge BallsORLinking Rings
6/24 (PM)
Lesson 4 – Closing a Show!
6/25 (AM)Chain EscapeANDREVIEW!
6/25 (PM)

After the Course

Enjoy it? – Stay Subscribed on our email list for MORE — FREE MAGIC Published each month!

Get a 20% Student Discount On Additional Tricks (June Only) – See Supply Bag Welcome Letter or Email Loren for CODE.

Come & See…

Opening July 18th in Estes Park

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Colorado Magician and Illusionist, Loren's Mission is to bring WONDER and AWE back into the mundane things of life through FUN and CREATIVE ILLUSTRATIONS in CHURCH, SCHOOL, BUSINESS, and PERSONAL life.

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