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3 Card Monte Explanation

Never Gamble with a Magician!

3 Cards are shown (2 of the same color [RED] and one different [BLUE]).
A game is played – The audience must keep track of the odd card [BLUE]. Every time they miss, they owe you money! The odd card [BLUE] is shown on the TOP, placed on the BOTTOM, but reappears at the TOP, and is then found in the MIDDLE!
All 3 cards have changed to the odd color [BLUE].
Then the common color [RED] is shown on the BOTTOM, and the TOP, and the MIDDLE!
All 3 cards have changed to the common color [RED].
Yet the odd [BLUE] reappears again on the BOTTOM.
Finally, 2 cards a common color [RED] and the odd color [BLUE] are both turned over and a final bet is made — Can you guess the last card? — The Money Card [GREEN] with $$$ signs all over it!

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